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Birth is Intimate.

Birth is intimate.

On TV or in movies, we often see a chaotic scene of the couple yelling at each in a panicked drive to the hospital, frantic nurses rushing them into a room with bright lights and all manner of surgical tools, the mother screaming and her partner bumbling around helpless and in the way. The doctor barks orders and the camera pans away as the mother pushes. Then the scene magically cuts, the baby is neatly bathed and swaddled in arms of a fresh-looking family. No part of the scene addresses the intimacy of bringing a new life into the world and a new member into the family.

This is not the true nature of birth. Whether you birth in a hospital, a birth center, or at home, whether you have an epidural, unmedicated, or C-section, whether you labor for more than a day or under an hour, the experience of birth is intimate. The intimacy of bringing new life into the world deserves to be honored.

As a doula, one of the things I can do is help you reclaim the intimacy of birth. I do that first by making sure you have all the information available about the birth process, and then by helping support your birth vision. Every circumstance surrounding birth is intimate. Everyone deserves to have the intimacy of their birth supported.

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