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Connection: Reflections on the ComPassion Birth Conference

Ja'Nisha Beal (left) and I met at the conference!

I had the opportunity recently to attend the ComPassion Birth Conference, put on by Journey Birth & Wellness. Joining with other like-minded birth workers for learning, skills training, spiritual enrichment, and community was such a refreshing experience.

One of the things that struck me during this conference is that birth work is such a personal profession. We had the opportunity to hear from a midwife, a bereavement coordinator, an IBCLC, and paramedic, and each of them had a deep connection with the births they've been a part of. I often feel like as a doula, connection is my greatest asset. Being able to enter the sacred space of birth with a client is a great honor. There's so much vulnerability and intimacy there. It's crucial that my clients feel safe, supported, and open with me. It's my responsibility to provide that kind of personal care and connection.

I had the opportunity to meet several birth workers at the conference, and hearing their passions for birth was so inspiring. The testimonies of these women to how birth work has changed their lives is something that I plan to carry with me. Birth is so personal, and in order to provide that care and connection, I believe doulas also need to be emotionally open. A supportive birth worker community is part of that.

I'm excited for the next steps. As my business grows, I hope to be able to offer more birthing people the opportunity to experience that deep level of care - the kind that gives both of us the sense that we are connected.

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