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So, what's in that doula bag anyway?

Every doula has specific things we carry around with us to appointments and births. Here's a snapshot of what's in my bag!

For my client: I have my rebozo, a comfy kneeling pad, clary sage essential oil and carrier oil (will bring other oils upon request), Blessing Moon Herbs magnesium body butter, a massage roller ball, ginger candies and other candies for a quick bit of sugar, and a couple books for belly mapping, relaxation suggestions, and lactation support.

For me: lanyard, menstrual cup and cloth pads (never can be too careful!), contact solution, phone charger, dry shampoo, hairbrush (for when I'm rushing to a birth and don't have time at home), paperwork and my doula certification, mask, sterile gloves, hand sanitizer, a water bottle, extra t-shirt, and occasionally I'll add a sweater.

I pack things into wetbags from Grassroots Baby to keep them organized, and to have a place to store things like my knee pad and massage roller ball before I sterilize them.

If you have any questions about why I carry certain things, feel free to ask!

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