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Here is what some of my previous clients had to say about having me as their doula!

"I was in labor for over 60 hours when my midwife recommend Laura. When she got to my house she helped [my partner] and I work as a team, gave him a break, and also helped me go through different movements that put my baby in the right position so my labor would continue. She is sweet and calm which is what we needed. She had many other techniques that helped us with our journey. Forever grateful!" - Amanda L.

edith b&w.jpg

Photo Credit: Michelle Glenn Photography

"Having a doula was one of the best decisions we ever made, even though our birth story did not resemble our birth plan even a little bit. Having Laura Kiefer’s support before, during, and after Edith’s birth has truly been a gift from God." - Dani F.

"Wouldn't of wanted anyone else by our side... Forever thankful." - Deanna H.

Naomi birth.jpg

"We had such a great birth with our doula, Laura. She was also the one who encouraged us it was time to leave for the birth center! Glad we listened! If you're thinking of having a doula as a part of your birth team, reach out to Laura!" - Alyssa K.

"Having Laura Kiefer available as a doula was an absolute game changer for me. Her help prenatally was tremendous but the confidence she helped instill in me was without a doubt the defining factor for my birth experience." - Jordan O.

"I had the honor of using Laura as my doula for [my son's] birth, and she is amazing! If you are pregnant now or in the future, I highly recommend Ora Doula Services!" - Emme Y.

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Photo Credit: Michelle Glenn Photography

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